Financial Services / Consumer Experience

A dynamic, private company focused on bringing innovative solutions to the mortgage lending industry wanted to build a new, online lending application platform for their clients so they could more effectively compete with traditional banks and other larger lenders.
  • Built and deployed a complete, seamless online loan application experience for borrowers who wanted to apply online.
  • Implemented a dynamic WYSIWYG engine to customize the wizard style application’s content and the flow for each customer making it easy to configure for their clients.
  • The new platform was built and deployed within five months with customers raving about the high quality and shorter user acceptance testing cycles.
  • New customer sales cycles were reduced significantly by enabling their clients to more rapidly meet their customers unique requirements.
  • Improved customer satisfaction with borrowers benefitting from increased efficiency and flexibility.

Industry: Mortgage Services

Application: Consumer Experience, Web-based Application

Technology: .NET Core, SQL Server

Industry: Personal Lending

Application: AWS Micro-Services 3rd Party Gateway

Technology: .NET Core, Lambda, AWS, Snowflake

Consumer Finance / Cloud and Data Migration

A large consumer finance company was splitting off from its parent company with a tight deadline to deploy an entirely new, cloud-based environment to run its business independently from the prior parent.
  • Built an AWS hosted backend LOS with a Salesforce front-end focusing on minimal operations and maximum scalability.
  • Implemented a Snowflake Data warehouse with Stream sets ETL/ELT.
  • Created a hybrid team of NTERSOL engineers, contractors and contract-to-hire resources working together to provide a team capable of implementing the project and supporting it post-production.
  • The new platform, designed for rapid changes to match the very dynamic business model, was deployed on time and on budget and is now entirely managed in-house.
  • Delivered significant operational cost savings compared to the old Oracle, server-based platform.
  • Accelerated innovation through implementation of a more modern toolset.
  • Provided high speed access to dynamic business analytics queries using cutting edge data warehouse tools including Snowflake.

Personal Lending / LOS

A publicly traded bank wanted to move their lending operations to the cloud in order to provide a more scalable solution for generating growth and improving efficiency.
  • The team built a fully functioning, online lending solution that provided a seamless experience for users who wanted to apply for loans.
  • Created an innovative automated underwriting system that was able to rate and price loans in milliseconds, resulting in higher quality leads and conversion rates.
  • Built the document management system allowing borrowers and loan processors to easily review documentation and streamline the workflow.
  • The new platform was built and deployed within six months and went into a public launch a few short months later.
  • Loan volume has significantly increased with a reduction in charge-offs.
  • Customer satisfaction has also improved from the more convenient and easier workflow when applying for a loan.

Industry: Personal Lending

Application: Consumer Experience, LOS, Document Management

Technology: .NET Core, SQL Server

Industry: Mortgage Lending

Application: Customer Relationship Management/Sales Productivity

Technology: .NET Core, Angular, Azure, SQL Server

Mortgage Lending / Sales CRM

A private money lender recognized it would not be able to support its growth objectives without a more robust and scalable CRM solution for its rapidly growing sales organization.
  • The team built a fully functioning CRM system that provided a seamless experience for sales users that eliminated duplicate customer accounts and streamlined the loan process for the organization.
  • The solution also included a new data warehouse that combined telephony, LOS and servicing data into a single data store easily accessed via the CRM software.
  • Developed and implemented a “golden record” system enabled multiple leads/loans to be treated as a single customer.
  • The new solution was built and deployed within six months and went into a public launch shortly thereafter supporting 150 users at launch.
  • Sales productivity and loan volume has significantly increased while employee attrition has decreased.
  • Customer satisfaction has also improved from the increased efficiency and reduction in data errors.

Title Search / Insurance

A large title insurer needed to reduce operating expenses and improve search and examination consistency. The customer needed to search parties involved in transactions for illegal activity supporting compliance as well as monitor and detect players involved in fraud schemes. Along with this, the customer needed to leverage millions of records of prior policy data.
  • Built a service-based system to search tax, property, name and other records in over 1,600 US counties. On-the-fly decisioning determined appropriate data sources and alternate data sources per customer, county and product.
  • Enabled data mining for markers that indicate insurance risk associated with the transaction.
  • Create a rule engine incorporated into a consistent data access service for prior policies that allowed the business to define the hierarchy of importance of prior work.
  • 7,500 man-hours per day are saved from over 30,000 daily title searches.
  • Improved title consistency and reduced claims..

Industry: Real Estate/Title/Escrow

Application: Automated Title Search Platform

Technology: .NET Core, Dist. Enterprise Workflow