The fast track to customer self-service

Today’s lenders need to provide a digital self-service experience for customers from the first moment of interaction.

Among other things, this means offering a digital lending experience with easy navigation and smart, dynamic automation. It means guiding borrowers step by step as they apply for a loan. And when the app’s complete, it means integrating data into your CRM and LOS systems automatically so loan officers don’t spend time on data entry.

AccelPOS makes all of that possible.
AccelPOS powers custom online applications that guide borrowers through the application and automate tasks for lenders.

AccelPOS Powers Leading-Edge, Efficient Online Applications and Digital Experiences

Built by software engineers with deep lending industry experience, AccelPOS supports optimized digital lending applications with these key features:

Key Features:

Key Integrations

Enable fast third-party verification via integrations with leading platforms, including…
  • 3rd party and proprietary LOS
  • 3rd party and proprietary CRM
  • Call Center
  • Document Management
  • USPS
  • FormFree
  • Finicity
  • Equifax
  • Experian
  • CoreLogic
  • Credco
  • MeridianLink
  • DocuSign
  • Docutech
  • … and counting

Data Modeling

Built specifically for the lending industry. Always TCPA and ADA compliant.


Tailor audits and alerts to fit your loan officers’ needs.

The NTERSOL Difference: Fast, Rich Customization

NTERSOL’s AccelPOS solution accelerator lets lenders build and launch custom, user-friendly online applications in as little as two to three months. How? AccelPOS codebase includes ~80 percent of the features all digital lending applications need. This lets us custom-build the remaining ~20 percent quickly so you can push your solution live and start seeing results.

Launch Your Digital Transformation Journey with AccelPOS Today

A custom POS reduces the hassle for your lenders and improves loan conversion rates. Upgrade your customer experience with tech solutions custom-built for your business.

The NTERSOL team has decades of experience building tech for the lending industry. We’d love to collaborate with you to build a solution that makes life easier for your loan officers and delivers the streamlined, efficient experience your customers expect.