Get the right lead to the right person every time for lower cost per loan and better conversion rates

Lenders spend a lot of money securing leads. Making sure those leads are routed to an experienced loan officer is essential to ensuring that investment pays off. Call center routing tech is helpful, but most solutions are not made for the lending industry.

That’s where AccelLeads comes in.
Skills-based routing solutions powered by AccelLeads gets the right lead to the right loan officer every time to improve conversion rates and lower cost per loan.

AccelLeads - Powered Solutions Ensure the Right Leads Get to the Right Loan Officer

Built by software engineers with a deep understanding of the lending industry, AccelLeads fuels custom solutions that optimize lead management to deliver higher close rates and better customer outcomes.

Key Features:

Prebuilt & Custom Telephony Integrations

Streamline incoming calls with third-party telephony systems including Genesis, RingCentral, and Five9. We can customize AccelLeads powered solutions to most telephony systems.

Real-Time Lead Ingestion

Rank your loan officers based on live, multi-dimensional KPI calculations. Route leads to the most qualified loan officers based on real-time data (close rate, fundings, call time, etc.) and soft skills (including how diligent they are about follow-up).

Smart Routing and Capping Logic

Route live voice leads, warm transfers, IVR, and offline data leads from the same automated lead engine. Control the flow of leads to your LOs based on experience, borrower profiles (intent score, lead cost, and other attributes), and loan type.

Full Service Administration

Store relevant data in one easily accessible place. Manage agents, rules, skills, and KPIs (funding volume, talk time, follow-up attempts, etc.) through a supported admin tool.


Always TCPA compliant. Our logic and automation are designed to keep abandon rates below three percent while ensuring loan officers are highly utilized.

Secure Sign-On

Automatic agent registry with secure sign-on through Okta, ADFS and others.

The NTERSOL Difference: Achieve Smarter Lead Management, Faster

NTERSOL’s solution accelerator approach makes it possible to launch the custom software you need faster than would otherwise be possible.

AccelLeads‘s codebase includes 80+ percent of the features all skills-based routing solutions for the lending industry need. This lets us custom-build the remaining 20 percent so you can quickly go live with your solution and speed your time to value.

Launch Your Digital Transformation Journey with AccelLeads Today

Improve your call center’s efficiency and loan conversion rate with custom skills-based routing tech. Empower your loan officers with a solution built for their unique needs.

The NTERSOL team has decades of experience building tech for the lending industry. We’d love to collaborate with you to build a solution that lowers your cost per loan.