Essential customer information at loan officers’ fingertips on every call

Relationship management is essential to the work of consumer lending. Get it right, and you win customers’ trust over and over – and make it easier for your loan officers to do what they do best. The problem: it’s hard to scale the kinds of personalized interactions that deliver top results.

That is, it’s hard without a purpose-built CRM.
Solutions built with AccelCRM automate every part of relationship management that can be automated, putting essential information at loan officers’ fingertips so they can laser focus on closing loans.

In Financial Services, Relationships Are Everything

Off-the-shelf CRMs work great in many industries. But when your sales are both highly regulated and emotionally charged, you need something more.
AccelCRM delivers, with functionalities designed and built for the needs of lenders:

Pipeline Management Features

  • Get at-a-glance clarity via roles-based or custom views. For a more granular perspective, filter pipelines further via custom metadata, colors, and tags.
  • Run Credit
  • Run DU/LP/Dual
  • Order settlement services (Appraisal, flood, title, MI, Etc)
  • Run pricing/fees
  • Generate price scenarios and disclosures
  • Econsent/Esign

Google Calendar and Outlook Integration

LOs shouldn’t spend time clicking into their calendars. Our integrations make scheduling seamless.

Custom Lead Alerts

Display toaster and screen pop alerts to signal inbound leads and lead assignment.

LOS Integration

Integrations with Empower and Encompass are fully built and a Byte integration is in the works. We’ll integrate with whatever LOS you use.

Shark Tank

Incentivize follow-up with our Shark Tank feature, which lets LOs poach leads that haven’t gotten attention in three days.


Infinitely better than sticky notes. AccelCRM systems include robust history, notes capabilities, and audit logs.

The Power of Solution Accelerators

What is a solution accelerator? It’s our unique approach to custom software development that lets lenders get the features and functionality they need out the door faster.

AccelCRM includes 80+ percent of the code base needed to build any lending industry CRM. We build the remaining 20 percent to spec. This lets lenders enjoy speed to value faster – and at a more competitive price point – than would otherwise be possible.

Launch Your Digital Transformation Journey with NTERSOL

In consumer lending, reputation is built one customer interaction at a time. Solutions powered by AccelCRM empower your LOs to make each interaction more meaningful, so every customer feels like your only customer.

Get in touch today to discover how AccelCRM can launch your digital transformation.