To compete with the Rockets and loanDepots of the world, every lender has to figure out digital transformation. From dynamic consumer and loan officer POS experiences to a more intelligent call center to more streamlined document management, most lenders have plenty of opportunities to improve their operations. But where should you start? And what should you be looking for in a tech solution? If you’re asking those questions, you’re in the right place. NTERSOL can provide you with the building blocks to accelerate your digital transformation roadmap.

Find out how

The NTERSOL team has decades of collective experience building custom solutions for lending and fintech companies. Our team also includes people who designed and built the back-end solutions that power the biggest names in the industry.
And while everything we build is tailored specifically to meet our customers’ requirements, we’ve found a way to increase speed to value for our customers with industry-proven solution accelerators.
These offerings include the 80+ percent of proven functionality any lender or servicer needs. Clients can reduce their “time to value” by months or years leveraging NTERSOL solution accelerators and paying only to extend the accelerators to meet their unique needs.
Some of our most popular solution accelerators include…


Streamlined document management that centralizes communications, automates tedious tasks, and provides an at-a-glance view of every loan’s status. Key benefits:
  • Prebuilt integrations with Empower, Encompass, and Byte + custom integration with any LOS
  • Document storage in the cloud, via file share, or on a server with version control
  • Easy document manipulation, including tagging and markup features to make status clearly visible
  • Hassle-free e-signatures with Docusign integration or direct sign
  • Messaging and notifications, with borrowers and other stakeholders


Skills-based routing for lender call centers to help minimize cost per loan by ensuring every lead goes to the best-equipped loan officer. Key benefits:

  • Telephony integrations (prebuilt with Genesis, RingCentral, Five9, plus custom to your needs)
  • Real-time lead ingestion so your LOs can connect when customers are interested
  • Multi-dimensional agent scoring that incorporates licensure, close rate, and performance on multiple KPIs
  • Smart routing and capping logic: Control lead flow based on LO experience, borrower profiles (intent score, lead cost, and other attributes), and loan type.
  • Centralized file storage
  • Fully TCPA compliant
  • Secure sign-on via Okta and ADFS


Dynamic, fully digital applications to start your customer relationships on the right foot. Present a smart, rules-driven experience that simplifies and streamlines the self-service application process. Key features:
  • Fully branded navigation for a seamless customer experience
  • Extensive integrations for fast third-party verification
  • Data modeling to better assess borrower risk profiles
  • Fully TCPA and ADA compliant
  • Custom workflows to fit LOs’ needs
  • Custom rules engine to facilitate borrowers’ app completion


Our simplified interface quickly delivers the essential information LOs need to stay on the phone closing loans. Key benefits:
  • General lead and application management
  • Telephony integrations (prebuilt with Genesis, RingCentral, Five9, plus custom to your needs)
  • Multiple pipeline views (roles-based, custom) to provide at-a-glance clarity
  • Easy pipeline filtering via custom metadata, colors, and tags
  • Google Calendar and Outlook integration
  • Toaster and screen pop based on inbound leads and lead assignment
  • Prebuilt integrations with Empower, Encompass, and Byte + custom integration with any LOS
  • “Sharktank” capabilities to incentivize follow-up
  • Robust history, notes, audit logs

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Lending has been called the last great industry to digitize – but don’t let yours be the last great company to do so.

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