Leverage NTERSOL's years of experience across multiple industries with solutions to your biggest challenges.

The Industries We Serve

We have a laser focus on specific industries where we have delivered results for our clients. This includes mortgage lending and servicing, consumer finance, banking and insurance.

Mortgage Lending / Consumer Finance

The NTERSOL team has been delivering solutions solving mortgage lender’s biggest challenges for over 15 years.  NTERSOL is helping mortgage lenders with their digital transformation initiatives including consumer experience, loan officer productivity, CRM, cloud migration, workflow and document management, data engineering, security and more.  We deliver business-based technology solutions through innovative designs that enable our customers to implement the right solutions that match their needs.  Let’s get together and discuss your unique challenges and work together to find the right solution. Once a solution has been identified, we’ll work with you to create the roadmap, design, mockup and the schedule to deliver.  Together, we will support your company grow to the next level.

Financial Services

The advent of peer-to-peer lending revolutionized how banks and other lenders communicate with their customers. Going from a clumsy manual process to one where loans could be delivered online, or over a phone, in a matter of minutes. This is truly disruptive. The NTERSOL team lived through this experience and has built several financial platforms that have generated billions in loans for a number of small to large to very public banks and financial institutions. These companies all came to NTERSOL because they knew we had the team of technology and mortgage veterans that understood the old world of compliance and paperwork, with the new world of “I need it now”. If you are looking for a way to move your operations online to attract a whole new customer, then talk to us. We would love to share our experience and accelerate your ability to create value from this disruption.

InsureTech / PropTech

Increasing natural and man-made disasters have made insurance a challenging market over the years and from all predictions it’s only going to get worse. Companies must strive to reduce risk while also trying to grow their book of business. Being able to make smart underwriting decisions is critical to achieving this balance. We have supported a large number of insurers that use solutions from NTERSOL to better underwrite risks, track major weather events, run hazard models and optimize portfolios. These tools have been critical in giving insight to front line underwriters and agents, while also providing management with the views they need to understand where to grow and how to reduce business exposure. Call us today if you would like to learn how we can help you.